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Dallas Staff

Aaron Reindel


Our Coaches have completed:

  • Interview with Brian Simpson

  • Pastoral Reference

  • Background Check

  • MinistrySafe Certified

  • Classroom Trained

  • Field Trained

  • Weekly Summer Evaluations

Our Head Coaches have:

  • A College Degreee

  • First Aid/CPR Certification

  • Head Coaches Training





Felix Rodriguez Web

Felix Rodriguez

Christina Barrera

Christia Barrera Web

Warren Truesdale

Coming Soon!

Sarah Morales

Wadmar Miguel

Tera Perkins


sarah Morales Web Wadmar Miguel Web Tera Perkins Web Warren Truesdale Web
Aaron Reindel web Alex Clark web

Alex Clark

Alex Dunning


Alexis Dixon

Alexis Dixon web Alex Dunning2


Coming Soon!





Amanda Brock

Brayden Brown web

Brayden Brown

Brennan Fewin web

Brennan Fewin

Brooke Dixon web

Brooke Dixon

Carolyn Sosinski web Clayton King web Connor Gillen web Elena Barnes web
Haley Sams web Hudson Richey web Katherine Burnett web Matthew Mitchell web Miah Mayberry web
Nathan Jackson web Rachel Mathes web Samantha Sullivan web Tyler Varnell web Zion Gasilan web


Coming Soon!





Darius Tse

Clayton King

Connor Gillen


Carolyn Sosinski

Elena Barnes

Haley Sams

Hudson Richey

Katherine Burnett

Matthew Mitchell

Miah Mayberry

Nathan Jackson

Rachel Mathes

Samantha Sullivan

Tyler Varnell

Zion Gasilan

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This Could Be You!

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This Could Be You!

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This Could Be You!

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