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Houston Staff

Kassidy Paul

Concrodia Lutheran - Tomball


Allison Lawrence

Concordia Lutheran - Tomball


Allison Lawrence Kassidy Paul

Katie Lawrence

Concordia Lutheran - Tomball


Katie Lawrence


  Our Coaches have completed:

  • Interview with Brian Simpson

  • Pastoral Reference

  • Background Check

  • MinistrySafe Certified

  • Classroom Trained

  • Field Trained

  • Weekly Summer Evaluations

Our Head Coaches have:

  • A College Degreee

  • First Aid/CPR Certification

  • Head Coaches Training

Camille Grow

Texas Tech University




Eric Hopper

Princeton University


Kali Simpson

Porter High School


Bryson Upchurch

Klein High School

Benjamin Singer

Concordia Lutheran - Tomball


Jacob Singer

Concordia Lutheran - Tomball


Luke Brenek

Cypress Ranch High School


Evan Merkle

Dallas Baptist University


Joshua Vinal

Northeast Christian Academy


Emily Sartor

Providence Classical School

Katy Robbins

Jersey Village High School


Mary Frances Schorlemer

Providence Classical School


Ryan Elo

Kingwood High School


Emily Brandenburg

Concordia Lutheran- Tomball


Emily Singer

Jersey Village High School


Kyle Fronckiewicz

University of Oklahoma


Mia Guerrero

Oklahoma University


Jeremy Galasso

Southeastern Louisana University


Camille Grow Jeremy Galasso Luke Brenek Bryson Upchurch Benjamin Singer Joshua Vinal Evan Merkle Kali Simpson Emily Sartor

Kyler Burnett

Home School


Ryan Coker

Cy Creek High School


Andrew Brown

University of Texas Austin


Collin Zuercher

Klein Collins & Christian Educators Academy


Blake Slinkard

Klein Oak High School

Kaitlin Gilbert

Stephen F. Austin University


Matt Gresko

Texas A&M


Alison McClelland

Katy High School


Mia Guerrero Katy Robins Mary Frances Schorlemer Ryan Elo Ryan Coker Andrew Brown Blake Slinkard Matt Gresko Kyle Fronckiewicz Collin Zuercher Alison McClelland

Anthony Odunsi

Houston Baptist University


Byron Bray II

Dallas Theological Seminary


Anthony Odunsi

Hannah Haaland

Home Schooled


Byron Bray Jacob Singer Kaitlin Gilbert

Angie Black

Southwestern Seminary


Van Hollie

Dallas Theological Seminary


Xavier Thomas

North Central University


Ben Calkins

Jersey Village HS

Michael Parmely

Northland Christian HS


Will Scarborough

Langham Creek HS


Davis Carver

Cypress Christian School


Eric Hopper Angie Black Kyler Burnett Xavier Thomas Van Hollie No Clue No Idea No IdeaII Not sure