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Park Cities

Baptist Church

Summer 2017


June 12-15

Flag Football     8:00AM-11:00AM


June 19-22

Rookies     8:00AM-10:00AM

Flag Football     8:00AM-11:00AM


July 5-7

Flag Football     8:00AM-11:00AM


July 10-13

Flag Football     8:00AM-11:00AM


July 24-27

Rookies     8:00AM-10:00AM

Flag Football     8:00AM-11:00AM


August 14-17

Rookies     9:00AM-11:00AM

Sports Camp     9:00AM-12:00PM


Directions to Burleson Park


Burleson Park/Rainout Policy

Thanks so much for choosing Triumph Sports!  While we hope that we will have perfect 70 degrees weather, we know from working for over 10 years at Burleson Park that this isn’t always the case.  Because Burleson Park doesn’t have an indoor facility to go to in case of bad weather, here is the inclement weather policies:


University Park Parks and Recreation is the entity that we rent the fields through.  We may feel the park is perfect to play in but if they say the field is too wet, they could cancel our camps and everything below would be disregarded.  In this case, we would use Friday as a make up day for the day missed.


If Rain/Thunder happens BEFORE camp starts:

·       Our Staff will be at the park to give information to parents, so please assume camp is on and when you arrive at camp our staff will inform you of the plan.

·       We will not cancel the camp due to weather, instead, we will delay the start of camp time if necessary.

·       We will utilize the awnings on the front of the sorority houses to wait out the storm if parents need to drop off their child during the weather delay.

·       Parents may opt to take their child home and wait out the storm there rather than drop their child off.  That is fine and usually a majority of parents choose this option.  However, for parents that must head to work, we will be here to wait out the storm with your child.


If the Rain/Thunder happens DURING camp:

·       We will take the kids immediately to the awnings for protection in front of the sorority houses.  We will hold them there and go over memory verses or perhaps do snack break while we wait out the storm.

·       Parents are free to pick up their child early if they choose, however, camp will not be cancelled and we will attempt to wait out the storm.

·       Once the storm has passed, we will proceed back on to the field and resume play.


We completely understand if parents would prefer to pick up their child and take them home.  However, we will do our best to maintain safety and proceed back to the park when we deem that it is safe.


All camps at this location are OUTDOORS ONLY.  

PLEASE NOTE: All Camps in JUNE & JULY are held at:

Burleson Park

3000 University Blvd

Dallas, TX 75205


All camps held in AUGUST are at the main PCBC campus:

Park Cities Baptist Church

3933 Northwest Pkwy

Dallas, TX 75225



  • Snack (no peanut products please)

  • Water Bottle with lots of water

  • Tshirts (you will be given this on the first day)

  • Your ID when checking out your child

  • Sunblock

  • Bug Spray



Please look for this sign put out in front of the

correct door to enter in order to drop off or pick

up from camp. Or for where the camp will meet at

Burleson Park.



Refunds or exchanges are only granted outside of 7 days prior to the camp starting.  Please email Laurie Tharp at LSTHARP@pcbc.org if outside of 7 days.

Camp Sign

Directions to Park Cities Baptist Church